The Devils Tower

Wyoming, USA


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The Devils Tower National Monument is a huge piece of rock formed from magma that juts out of the surround land. It was a location in the movie Close Encounters of the Third Kind, I was hoping to get a nice sunset behind the tower but today I was out of luck. As night fell I started to drive to my motel and I could see lightning strikes in my rear view mirror far away, at first I saw 4 or 5 but they seemed to be getting more frequent, I stopped and watched as the lightning increased to 3 or 4 every second. I had never seen anything like it. Eventually it dawned on me, this is a perfect time to shoot the Devils Tower with a storm behind so turned around and rushed back hoping the storm wouldn’t end of worse I would drive into it. I got their in perfect time, lightning was getting close and light rain was just beginning to come down. I used the rear door of my SUV to shield me as I started taking pictures. Normally taking shot with lightening is very hit and miss since you never know when the strikes will occur, but with this storm there were so many every time a pressed the shutter I would see many strikes, not always in the right place but if I waited long enough it would happen, I was taking 8 second exposures since it was so dark and after 10 minutes I nailed it with 4 strikes that looked to be all in shot during one exposure. I was very excited having shot my first and what better location that the Devils tower. I quickly packed up and headed to the motel, all the time the storm closely behind, I got there just in the nick of time as the storm came over the area, I had never experience anything like it, the wind was crazy and heavy hail stones fell making an incredible sound. An experience I will never forget


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