Storm Rise

Waterfowl Lake, Banff National Park, Canada

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June in the Canadian Rockies is a perfect time for photography, there is still snow on the mountains, the weather is great, and the trails aren’t all covered in snow making it easier to hike anywhere.

I had 2 weeks to explore the vast landscape and would spend the evenings until 10pm shooting the late sunsets, and chose to sleep nearby in my car to maximize sleep time so I could rise early at 4.30am and be ready to shoot the amazing light. During the mid daylight hours I would spend my time finding the best locations for sunset and sunrise the next day, so I could make the most of the limited number I had here.

On this occasion as I woke the sky was blue and it looked like the mountains across the lake would be perfectly illuminated by the rising sun, I hiked down to my spot but found myself changing my mind at the last-minute as I realised I wasn’t going to maximising the reflections in the lake. I dashed over to a nearby stream and planted myself in the middle letting the freezing water above my boots, and waited.

Dark clouds drifted across the scene which created the perfect light across the mountains.

Moments after taking the shot the clouds masked the sun, the moment vanished. I packed up and hiked back to my car as the darks clouds rolled over me and the rain started, that was the only sun I saw all day. The timing of this shot couldn’t have been more perfect.


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