Joshua’s Sunset

Joshua National Park, USA

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Moments like this have taught me to be a very patient photographer. I had come across this collection of Joshua trees earlier in the day and whilst the light wasn’t great I noted it may be a good spot for sunset. As the day came to end and no better composition had come across me I came back, set up and waited. It was very cloudy so I thought I would be out of luck and as the sun set below the horizon the sky looked dull so I packed up and got into my car. Just as put the car into reverse and looked into the mirror I could see some amazing colour appear in the clouds and I quickly jumped back out the car and ran the 500m back set up as quickly as I could. Before it had taken me 10 minutes but this time I had less than 2 before the moment would begin to disappear. I pressed the shutter just in time before the colour that was flowing across the sky faded into the distance.


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