With the summer time coming into effect I’m out of whack with my sleep and keep waking up late now, I figured I had got up too late to snowboard as I wouldn’t get a full day but I wish I had gone anyway because it turned out to be quite a nice clear day with no snow falling so it would have been a great day on the slopes, I’m not a big fan of snowboarding with heavy snow and poor visibility in the flat light you get here.

Oh well, I got some nice shots anyway east of Pemberton around Joffre lakes.

It’s amazing how all the little rivers and streams (creeks as they call them here) seal themselves off over winter with snow and ice and slowly reveal themselves as spring comes. I may re-visit this shot in 2 weeks to see ho it’s changed.

Whilst I was setting up this shot the geese started to fly around, but once ready I had to wait 15 minutes before they started again.