Today I headed to Nairn Falls about 30km north, I tried to go here at the beginning of the week but park rangers were there and said it was too dangerous to hike to the falls this time of year. I’m not usually one to follow rules so I found myself on the slowest 1 mile hike ever towards the falls with the path mostly like this with lots of ice.

The pathway is slanted to the left and with the ice made it quite a scary walk as you could quite easy slip and find yourself in the river.
It was worth all the effort though as the falls was one of the nicest I’ve seen thanks to the way it’s carved through the rocks.

I didn’t expect a 2 for 1 deal here, lower down there was another part to the falls. Both shots had an 8 second exposure for a soft flowing waterfall, I have always preferred a waterfall like this, makes them look more magical.