Today was a great day, I took my medium format camera onto the slopes, I was able to store it in some lockers up there all day and then could just go and get it when clouds cleared and snowboard in between.
As soon as I got to the to of the Whistler gondola I saw a great shot as the sun was low and everyone was getting ready to hit the slopes.

I then went up to the peak for the first time, this is an area that is regularly closed due to bad weather as it’s about 7000 feet high, you can see it in the shot above to the right which is the first time I’ve seen it since arriving. It’s certainly cold up there, any exposed skin freezes quickly with the wind chill. It’s amazing how different everything looks here to just 1000 feet lower, the trees were completely hidden in snow. On the way down I saw this great view. This is my favourite shot so far in Whistler, the perfect snowscape with the mountains in the background.

Before finishing for the day I took this shot of the canadian flat backlit by the sun, it’s a shame the background isn’t more interesting as that would make it a great shot.

Since it was only 4.45 by the time I got back to the car and had 2 hours of sun left I decided to drive around searching for a great spot for the mountains, but try as I might I just couldn’t find it, there was always something in the way (usually trees!) It’s a shame as it would have made a beautiful shot.

I’m completely pooped after the 2 days on the slopes, tomorrow will be a nice photo day in the valleys I think, hopefully another waterfall. Night night