My trip across the states wouldn’t be complete without visiting the capital. 

It’s a funny place being such a small square mile or so, apparently crime is a big issue in the surrounding areas which is crazy when it’s so close to the White house. 

There isn’t much to shoot in terms of cityscapes here but some interesting monuments and buildings, most of which I shot on 617 film so I will have to wait and see how they turn out. 

The nice thing about the area is that all the historic buildings are very clean which is nice change from London but then London is much more historic. 

There is also the annoying no tripod rule at most monuments which is very restrictive for my style of shooting but I still got most of the shots I wanted to get. This shot would have been great on my 617 camera but instead I had to shoot it handheld on my panasonic gf1. 

It was close to 40 degrees during my stay here which made shooting quite unbearable at times, especially walking around with my heavy gear.