There are many places in BC I haven’t visited, but one I must see is Vancouver Island, mainly to visit Pacific Rim National Park as currently I only have one other park on the coast for my planned National Park book. 

My first stop once leaving the ferry was  Cathedral grove, an amazing old growth forest with huge trees everywhere.
The busy trails meant I was waiting most of the time for people to pass but also for the wind to die down so all the leaves and plants wouldn’t be blurry.  

Next I drove straight for the coast looking to find a great sunset spot, which I found but sadly I wasn’t given a great sunset to go with it. 
The weather didn’t look good for my whole time here so I needed another plan which was shore life. I found this the next day on a hike down to Halfmoon bay clambering over the rocks. 

The best time for these shots is at low tide so I ended spending all day here to get 2 low tides and maximise my time which I needed to get the water flow just right. I would spend almost on hour at each spot. 

The park also had lots of old growth forest around so a hike along some of the trails found these gems. It’s tough to get the scale of these trees to come across, especially in a panoramic. 

On the way back to the ferry to head back to Vancouver I visited Juan de Fuca Park, not much shore life could be found as the tide was high but the bays had some rock and I also finally got a sunset!