My photography came to a complete stop when I arrived in Toronto a week and a half ago as I got sick. It was a shame as I felt like I was wasting my time here. I guess too many early rises with 4 hours sleep finally caught up with me! 

Once I was feeling better I started to explore the city, I had already done some research online and sort had an idea of where I needed to be, which is on Toronto island. This is the standard Toronto spot to get skyline in all it’s glory which meant I needed to do something different so I spent an afternoon exploring the island on a dull cloudy day so I was ready with my location when the sun was out. 

The next day was that day and I hopped on the ferry to arrive at my spot at 3.30 for the best light on the scene, it’s was a perfect day and I got a great shot.

I was lucky because just as I was setting up the shot a couple wondered by looking for somewhere to sit and were happy to be in my shot. 

Then it was the waiting game for me as I also wanted to get the skyline after sunset which meant 5 hours of sun bathing and book reading as there wasn’t anything else on the island I wanted to shoot. 
Although whilst lying down I spotted this shot, which just happens to be the same tree in the shot above.

It was worth the wait as I got this shot, again there was a couple also watching the Sunset and kindly agreed to pose for the shot sitio web.