Weeping Willow’s are my favourite trees, looks wise that is, and there are plenty around Vancouver but until now I’ve not found one in a decent setting to photograph. The issue is that I like all my shots to be clean and clutter free which means no signs, roads, cars, horrible buildings or anything that ruins the scene. Simple and clean is what I search for and if I can’t find it I won’t take a picture.
I found this willow tree today in Jericho Park, finally one I could shoot with just sky in the background as that shows the greatness that is the willow, for me if there was anything behind this shot it would be ruined, I’m already slightly annoyed by the clouds at the bottom of frame!

I also decided to take another self portrait, getting in a little of the clutter of the surroundings, I don’t ususally take landscapes with people in them but for certain shots like this it just helps to set the scene.
I keep thinking that I’d like to always have a theme through my shots with a girl in them with dark hair wearing a red jacket, it seems the best way to do that is to take the jacket and a wig with me wherever I go.