It’s amazing to be driving alongside the outskirts of the Rockies, seeing all the different shapes of the mountains that await. 
Along the way I noticed this mountain which had a great pattern from the last remaining snow down the creeks. I couldn’t find a location that would add to the mountain but thought it was interesting enough to take just the mountain. The colour of the scene unfortunately was not interesting which is why it is black and white, my rule is if the colours don’t add anything get rid of them. 

The first thing I did once arriving in Kootenay was hike to Dog Lake, it was nice and sunny and I ended up doing the hike with 3 canadians and their dog who probably did the hike 3 times over he was running around so much. The lake wasn’t worth a shot as the clouds made the light horrible and the scene wasn’t interesting enough to come back when the light would be nice. 
Just as we reached our cars it started to pour down so as I travelled up the park I was in the lookout for some nice stormy clouds over the mountains, which I did find here on the river. I had to wait a which for the rain to stop first though. 

Next I visited marble canyon, it was awesome to walk above such a deep canyon and see the water fall from the top all the way to the bottom that I captured in this shot. 

Ah yes another waterfall, I thought the rocks and the shapes the water made created an interesting shot. 

Kootenay National park is one of the smallest  parks in the Rockies and after half a day I was pretty happy I had seen what it had to offer and so entered Banff to explore ready for a Sunset and sunrise shot. As I was driving towards Banff the clouds parted and created an amazing strip of light across the mountains along with a rainbow. I rushed trying to find a clear spot to take a shot but the light quickly went and I missed it. It would have been my first rainbow shot! It’s rare the light and scene behind a rainbow looks interesting so it’s a real shame. 

But I had at least found the mountains I want to take at sunset so went about exploring all the nearby lakes for a good spot. 
The sunset certainly didn’t disappoint!