Completely self-taught, Jason aims to capture the world in all it’s grandeur through his landscape photography, to present the beauty of our planet like you’ve never seen it before through his unique double long exposures and impeccable attention to detail on panoramic film.

He seeks out awe-inspiring views and his passion has taken him around the world, from 20,000 mile road trips across North America to the exotic Islands of Asia and many exciting destinations in between. His quest for the perfect shot has him waking up at dawn to get the best light and perfect composition.

Jason’s photographic passion began a decade ago when he was living in London as an award-winning Film Editor. Having grown up in the Yorkshire countryside, the tall buildings and bright lights were a stark contrast to the landscape he was used to and he set out to capture the amazing sunsets he would see daily from his bedroom window overlooking the city. He started out using an old Praktica 35mm camera borrowed from his father, but in his quest to print big and wide he quickly ventured into medium format film. Today Jason shoots with a large format 617 panoramic film camera, a format that matched what he knew and loved from the big screen and achieves his goal to capture the bigger picture in a single shot for billboard sized pictures that do not sacrifice on quality.

Learning on film from day one has taught Jason how to be a better and more patient photographer, he must be confident in his shot not to waste film. Large format requires a slowness that keeps Jason thinking all the time as the camera cannot do anything on its own, he is in full control which in turn means everything in his work is a result of intentional thought, years of experience and his vision.


Epson International Pano Awards 2016

24 Hour Harbour – Gold      Streets of Mongkok – Silver        Hopes and Dreams – Silver

Epson International Pano Awards 2013

The Frozen Wave – Silver        Alone – Silver         The Fragrant Harbour – Silver

Epson International Pano Awards 2012

Rise of the Storm – Bronze        Valley of Beauty – Bronze         Path to the Big Apple – Bronze

Photographic Equipment

Fotoman 617 medium format film camera with Rodentock 55mm, 90mm, 180mm and 300mm lenses using Fuji Provia Film and Kodak Ektar film.

Mamiya 645 Pro medium format film camera

Sony A7 digital camera