Today I went exploring around Squamish which is North of Vancouver, I just found myself driving around not finding anything that caught my eye for a great picture, I could see I am getting bored of the scenery as I have driven through this area a few times and also it is very similar to Whistler and Vancouver with trees and mountains. After most of the day wasted with not a single shot I decided to stop at Shannon Falls, I’ve been before in the morning but the light was terrible, and knew I needed to come back in the afternoon when the sun had come around the mountains to illuminate the water.
I arrived at the perfect time to catch this beauty, for me this is the perfect simple shot with just water and rocks as the elements and the sun shining nicely from the right at 90 degrees to the falls. A 4 second exposure gave me the lovely flow of the water.

This is what the falls look like without the smooth long shutter effect. Which do you prefer?