In February I began a 1 month road trip starting in San Francisco and ending in Las Vegas with various amazing spots along the way.

As soon as I Landed in San Francisco and arrived at my hotel around the corner I found a huge fire truck parked up and couldn’t resist a shot, it had just been freshly cleaned.

Fire Truck, San Francisco

I decided to try a new style on this trip shooting hand held black & white photos using my 617 camera, almost like snap shots, so any black & white photos you see later in this trip will most likely be taken this way.

San Francisco instantly struck me as a nice charming city as soon as I arrived, a more relaxed version of new york, it almost felt quiet. IT seemed like the best American city I had visited so far and somewhere I would love to live for it’s weather and closeness to so many amazing places like Yosemite National Park yo mention just one.

Downtown San Francisco

A must have shot whilst here was of the whole city to ad to my collection, so I woke at 5am the first morning and headed across the Bay Bridge, after a bit of exploring  I found a great spot and waited for the sun to rise.

San Francisco and the Bay Bridge

I couldn’t miss out on visiting the famous Alcatraz Prison which ended up being a great afternoon with a ferry ride to and from the island.

Alcatraz Island

Walking around the prison you can listen to the many great stories and attempted break outs giving you a great fell for how the prison operated, and also what it would be like to be in prison.

Alcatraz Cells


Alcatraz Block


The Golden Gate Bridge was another must see, sadly the evening I planned to take a picture was very overcast so I didn’t get a nice sunset this time, fortunately I plan to come back to San Francisco another time so I wasn’t worried about this du könntest das ausprobieren.

The Golden Gate Bridge