I left the hotel at 10 today having found  Palouse Falls, I decided to head there even though it was a diversion of my course as it looked like it was worth the extra time, and it was.

I spent 2 hours here and hiked to the top of the falls which was actually quite scary being stood right on the edge next to the raging water. I took a video so you could hopefully get an idea of it.

There was also lots of Beavers running around the area, clearly here to enjoy the view.

Afterwards I headed for Missoula, my destination for the night, after 450 miles and lots of rain and snow as I drove though the Valley along route 12 I passed from Washington to Idaho and to Montana all in the day. The weather meant there were no more pictures to be had on the way.

Finding my motel I also spotted this place in Missoula, if only it was open when I passed it at 11.15!