The weather was great as I arrived in Chicago at 3pm and headed for Downtown to explore and see what shots I could get before the bad weather they had due rolled in.

It’s an interesting city and I could see why they would shoot Spiderman and Batman here, I loved the transit system and how it was just placed on top of roads like a rushed job.

A walk along the Chicago river gives you a great view of the city with all the different architecture and I was able to get a few building shots.

For sunset I headed toward Michigan lake to try and find a nice clear view of the Chicago skyline, on the way I spotted a fountain, the Buckingham Fountain which looked like it was the perfect for sunset so I set up my shot and waited and boy did I get one of the perfect sunsets spreading across the shot.
This makes me very happy for my first day in Chicago!

On the second day I was not so lucky with the weather so I concentrated on finding interesting buildings to shoot in the city, only a few met my criteria for my style of shooting.