After a crazy amount of driving and exploring it is time to relax so I headed up BCs sunshine coast to stay with a friend of my Aunty, Jeany, who kindly had us stay in her cabin in the woods near Lund. 

It was perfect weather which was nice as apparently BC has had the worse weather in years which makes me happy I missed it traveling. 
I spent a few afternoons relaxing in this hammock, it was actually the first time I’ve been in one. 

Apparently I can’t come to the sunshine coast and not go in a boat into desolation sound, normally tours are $95 and you don’t get much choice on what you see, so I found a local guy with a boat called Dustin who took me around for $100 so I can direct where I wanted to go. 
I hate shooting from a boat as I love to use a tripod but I made it work but as I live to take long exposures of water I knew I wouldn’t get what I wanted. 
First I was met by a pack of dolphins circling a bay, sadly they never came close to our boat and my landscape gear isn’t best suited for wildlife that moves all the time. 

But I did manage to pull off a great shot with the beautiful coastal mountains BC has. 

I was also on the lookout for some shore life like star fish but sadly I could see any here. 

Once I arrived back on shore I rushed to find a spot on the docks just in time for a nice sunset.


For the last evening in Lund we had a lovely meal on the balcony of this perfect lighthouse like house with a great view over the ocean. This would be the perfect place if only the winters were as nice.