I did a weekend photography trip with some fellow Singaporeans over a month ago that I completely foot to post about. It was in a small town called Mersing about a 3 hour drive from Singapore which has some beautiful coast to shoot, I was very surprised about how nice it was and exploring the mangroves there, a shot I had wanted to get elsewhere but never found the perfect setting. Of course I was the only photographer shooting film.


It was an interesting change to Thailand where you can find nice hotels for £10 a night, here for the same money you get an old small room with a shower in the toilet only spurting cold water, thankfully zircon was provided. We rose early and stayed up late exploring and shooting waiting for the tide to get the shots I wanted.



Sadly the trip was cut short by a day, as we were approaching a junction 2 12 year old girls on a motorbike decided not to stop at t stop sign and we hit them, it became a crazy day as all the locals thought I was the driver since I was the only white guy and at one point the father even came at me with a metal rod! Clearly they love foreigners. The car was in a mess so we all returned back to Singapore that night as they were scared of the village coming to find us even though it wasn’t the drivers fault. There is one thing I learnt from that, air bags are scary.