I just bought a new more portable camera, the Panasonic GF1, as my more portable hiking camera that I can take anywhere, so I thought I would test it out with a day trip around Lynn Valley with my flatmate for the month Aaron. Taking my big cameras on trips with other people is a disaster as they will end up spending half the day waiting for me wondering what is taking so long, so I’ll use the day as a ‘Recki’ day to check the place out and come back another day on my own.
This is Aaron, he a musician and plays the trumpet in various bands here in Vancouver.
We would keep daring each other to go in the water, it was freezing!
The only way I could take this shot was by leaning as far out as I could with my hand all the way too hoping I didn’t fall in, I only wish I had even longer arms. This won’t be getting taken on medium format any time soon.
This shot was taken from a suspension bridge, the first time I’ve walked on one, for some reason I didn’t think to take a picture of the actual bridge, probably because too many people would walk across it and I thought they would ruin the shot. I think it will worth coming back for this on my Medium format digital camera, but it will have to be a bright day as I will need to do it handheld leaning over the bridge.
There are so many interesting trees to find in BC, look at the left where it joins back onto itself and twist around, I wonder what it looked like when it was more alive.
Every so often we would get some snow coming down, it’s lucky we were high up in the mountains otherwise it would have been rain.

It was an interesting little hike, I will to re-visit the suspension bridge on a brighter day and see what I can get.