Continuing on my journey from San Francisco was a week in Lake Tahoe, this part of the trip however involved some pleasure as well as photography spending the cloudy days on the slopes snowboarding.

The first sunny day I headed out to a waterfall in the area, Eagles Falls that I thought would involve some hiking in the snow down hill but luckily on arrival I found it not too far, hiking in the snow is no fun. I even had a small tumble to get this.

Falls with a View

 This shot was gone in a couple of minutes as once the sun came from behind the tree glare ruined the shot. It’s also a rare occasion when I find another photographer getting up as early as me but today I met Freddy Oropeza at the same spot, luckily however he wasn’t looking to get the same shot as me.

Once this shot was in the bag at 6.30am(or at least I hoped it was, you never know when shooting film, I’ve messed up enough rolls) I drove around the entire 72mile circumference of the lake looking for other shot opportunities. I stopped at a place nicknamed Bonzai Rock which looked interesting however I didn’t shoot that particular rock, I was more interested in another nearby view. The water was perfectly illuminated but the angle of the sun and the water calm enough to take a long exposure and get the lake perfectly smooth and calm.

 Lake of Serenity

On another day I headed back to the Bonzai rock area at sunset hoping to get shot above with some nice colourful clouds, but this was completely the wrong angle so I switched at the last minute. There is some nice colour but the rocks just aren’t interesting enough.

Bonzai Rock, Lake Tahoe