This morning I was completely prepared for sunrise having already seen the perfect light land on this mountain during my failed sunrise shot. 

Passing my planned sunset position for the evening  I noticed it also looked great in the morning sun too so stopped to take a shot. Many of my shots in Jasper have been taken on this river as it’s the main one through the park and so has become a feature in my shots with the mountains. 

After exploring north of the park I soon started to feel exhausted as the 5 past days of late sunsets and early rises along with all the exploring had taken their toll. I  decided I should relax for the afternoon and check into a hotel early which also gave me chance to look at the last 3 days of photos and make sure technically everything was great. 

My sunset position was back on the athabasca river which I only took on 617 film. I think it will be a great shot though.