The always say 3rd time lucky, however for me it seems to have been opposite this time. My 2 previous trips brought me several great panos of the city but this time I timed it all wrong as it was cloudy and rainy the entire week. My friend Singe was also in town from London and we planned some great hikes despite the weather that includes the Dragons back, Kowloon Peak and Lions Rock. It isn’t easy trying to persuade taxi drivers to go of the beaten track so we could get to our start points and even funnier when we get to the top of Kowloon peak to be greeted with no view at all because of the mist, at least there were pictures of the view so we could see what we were missing. Along the way I kept walking into spiders webs across the paths, the spiders had calculated for average height of Asian people and hadn’t expected a tall Englishman to come, they were huge scary looking slides too!


HK 180MM c

HK NORTH POINT I did manage to get some nice shots when the mist cleared and the best thing about hiking with Singe is he takes some great shots of me I can use for my bio when his head isn’t buried in his phone. Our hike up to Lions rock was the worse of all 3 as it poured down most of the time so we got soaked, it was amazing to see the city as we walked above the clouds when the mist cleared occasionally. Singe sadly wasn’t as prepared as me as his bag wasn’t waterproof so a puddle formed inside killing his 6 month old Canon 5d Mark 3, thankfully after 6 months in a dry bag it is finally working again which gives me some relief since it was my idea to continue the hike in the rain.



There are some amazing hikes that I will certainly do again next time I am in here and shoot the city at night when the weather is better, it’s amazing how much outdoor space there is here and great to see lots of people running up the mountains, some very fit retired people in Hong Kong!