I’ve rented an apartment in Whistler for a month so I can explore the area more and get in some serious snowboarding, but I arrived to this at the entrance –

Although I could get into the flat, it was quite hazardous so it took me an hour to dig it out and create a proper path to my door, any more snow and I won’t be able to see out the windows! Clearly the 3 swedish girls who lived in this 1 bed apartment before me were very lazy.

Once I was in I headed out since it was a nice day to see what sunset shot I could get.

There was some amazing light forming on the mountains near Pemberton, 30km north of Whistler, so I was searching for a good position for a shot, but in the end I was too late and just captured the last whisps of light. I will have to come back again with more time to find a spot as mintutes before the whole mountain was glowing red.

I was on time to catch this shot though, which was the reverse angle from the previous one, so I just hopped across the bridge.