On June 21st I set off from Toronto on the next big leg of my road trip across Canada back to Vancouver via the rockies. 
I had done my research and the Ontario, Manitoba and Saskatchewan provinces weren’t going to offer me much for shots so I decided to drive straight through and just see if anything caught my eye. It didn’t. 
I did 900 km the first day even picking up my very first hitch hiker, an 18 year old heading across canada working at various farms. The first night I stayed in a small town called Wawa, which means big bird which is why they have these everywhere. 

I had a drink in the only place still open and got talking to some American bikers on a road trip of their own. It was a good start as these road trips can get quite lonely on your own in the middle of national parks with no one to be seen. 

Day 2 I drove a huge 1100km (my record) to stay in the crappiest $70 motel ever somewhere along the trans Canada highway. I’ve paid half the price in the states and got a nicer room. I guess that’s what you get in the middle of nowhere. 

On day 3 I got a shot thanks to a detour due to flooding, I have always wanted a nice hay bail shot to add to my collection.

You see some funny things on such a long road trip, and this was certainly one, I would love to know why it is better to pull a tractor this way. 

I also drove past this outside a scrap metal place. 

As night fell a storm came over me and for a a second time driving over the plains on this trip I could see hundreds of lightening strikes around me. So of course I took a shot bit with no decent landscape to go with it. 

On day 4 I had only a few hours of driving to do before arriving at the Rockies, which were teasing me on the way. 

At lunchtime I arrived at  Waterton Lakes national park.  It’s small but has a sone nice mountains and creeks. It was very windy which made it hard to get shots.

I only spent the afternoon there before heading across the border to the USA to Glacier National Park so I would be ready for sunrise the next day.