This is a shot that has eluded me for the past month, it has teased me every time I had been snowboarding hiding behind the clouds and finally over the last few days I got 2 versions, now the question is which is better??

The first shot was taken on a nice clear day  in the moning which was great as it required no waiting for clouds to blow out of the way which is a regular occurrence in Whistler.

For the second shot I was in this spot for over an hour waiting at 3.30pm for the right light to hit the mountains, but when it did clouds would cover the sun from the foreground trees so I would have to wait some more but it was certainly worth it. It would be amazing to get this on a clear day at sunset, but I am not allowed on the mountain much past 4.30 and also you wouldn’t get the lovely illumination of the foreground trees for that so it would have just be of the mountains.

Please let me know your preferences as I really can’t decide which is nicer as they both have their strong points!