I woke at 4.30 am and a quick look at a shot near Johnson Lake I spotted last night I could see wouldn’t work so I quickly drove around the nearby water features and found this great spot at cascade ponds.  
The clouds gave my the perfect strip of light across the Mt Rundle.  

That was the only sun I saw all day as the clouds where here to stay. So I did some of the popular Banff hikes up Johnston Canyon to visit two fairly boring (by my high standards) waterfalls. 

Next I drove to Moraine Lake, a very popular attraction and I kept seeing the same shot taken from the main viewpoint that I wanted to avoid and I found two nice spots for when the sun is out tomorrow. 

The one annoying thing about Banff is that there is a freeway right through the middle and everyone is driving too fast on it which makes it very difficult when I see a mountain range  I want to shoot and then want to explore the surrounding area for a good spot on the river or at a lake. So I was very happy when I got onto the quieter Icefields Parkway, the most picturesque road in the Rockies and began seeing shots I wanted to take when the sun comes out. 

I even saw what I thought was the epic shot of the mountains and setup for sunset hoping maybe I would get some colour in the sky but I was out of luck. 

I will be back here tomorrow night as this just looks dull.