My sunrise position this morning was on the waterfowl lakes, it’s tough to plan for these here as you never really know how they will turn out with all the high mountains around, getting the very first rays is tough but if you wait long enough something comes, I’m very happy with this as it also has some dark clouds looming above.  This shot was taken just where a small stream feeds into the lake. 

As I went back to my car those clouds came over and it’s started to rain, something that seems to keep happening to me here in the Rockies, I’m just thankful I get my sunrises!

Afterward as I hadn’t planned any more shots I just drove around seeing where the light looked best on the nearby mountains and then would look for a feature to go with it.
Crowfoot Glacier didn’t have any surrounding features worth adding other that trees so I took this on it’s own. 

Herbert Lake was a nice colourful lake that had interesting features within it great for a vertical panoramic. 

Once golden hour was over i headed for breakfast before  a hike to check out chephren Lake, a 3km hike over the worst terrain of tree roots and swampy mud so it felt like it took forever as I tried to avoid getting my feet soaked. I also saw a few bear paw prints in the mud along the way. 

I can’t quite decide if I should go back early one morning, I think the terrain would kill me with my heavy kit, normally I can do 3km in 30 minutes but this took over an hour!

Since it was a sunny day I headed back to Lake Moraine to get my shot from yesterday,  I fouls myself waiting around forever as there where too many clouds but eventually I got this. 

My last location of the day was back to my epic valley location, annoyingly I was disappointed  yet again so decided to leave it a few days and try again. 

As the light faded I drove north towards Jasper National Park looking for sunrise spots, I arrived at the park with it being too dark so I parked up and slept for the night near the entrance ready for a 5am wake up.