Hello and sorry for the long delay since my last post. I am now back in the UK having finished my trip through Canada and the USA, so I thought I would post some stats from the trip which lasted 7 months in total.

Total Spend – £14’592
Total KM driven 34’489 (thats 2 solid months of 10 hours a day driving!)
Cost of Fuel (I’ve started to call it gas) £3000
Accomadation & hotels £2900
Parking £95 (I love amercia!)

Total Great shots taken 271

It was a great trip but doing that on your own can be lonely at times, but it also mean as a photographer I can be very flexible and do exactly what I want to do, there are few people that would be happy to come along and sleep in a car for 5 nights running so I could stay up late for sunset and get up at 4am for sunrise, but when I look back at my shots it was certainly worth it.

Since I’ve been back I have been scanning all the shots I took on film on my Fotoman 617 camera during the trip so over the next week or so I shall post all the great ones.

To begin where I started my trip on the west coast of Canada, here is a shot I took on the 19th March 2011 when we had the “Super Moon”. That night it was so bright it over powered my headlights and it was an almost perfectly clear night to get this start trails shot of the Tantalus Mountain Range. Due to the moon being so bright the stars are very faint and it also makes it look like daylight.

Tantalus Mountain Range by Moonlight, British Columbia, Canada