After a nice lie since it was cloudy today so I won’t have missed a nice sunrise I headed back towards Banff. 

Along the way I first stopped and had a hike up Beauty Creek, a not very well known hike that I only knew about from a great Rockies book I have. I only saw one person on the trail whereas usually there will be atleast 30 which was nice as it felt like I was seeing something not many have. 

There was a nice waterfall at the top of the creek. 

Next I went on a glacier tour onto athabasca glacier which required a ride on this beast which took us out a few km onto the glacier.

I even drank fresh glacier water up there. 

And of course couldn’t leave without one of very few shots of me. 

 I headed back to my epic Rockies sunset spot hoping for some decent clouds, I didn’t get any amazing colour but the dark clouds give it a nice moody look and atleast you can see all the mountains into distance. I quite like this shot.