The sun is out so I headed out for the day for more exploring, again armed with my my portable GF1, I’m changing my style of exploring, whereas before I would take my full kit with me and eventually get tired of carrying it on my back so not get as far, I am going have exploring days and any great shots I find I will re-visit when I know the light will be best.

First I headed to Lynn Valley to see if I could get the shot from the suspension bridge again on my medium format, but unfortunately the sun is just too low this time of year, I may be lucky if I come on an early morning and the sun just shining through the canyon, but not today. So I wondered around the falls a little climbing over the fences to see where I could go.

This is another shot I couldn’t get on my Mamiya 645 camera as the light is too low in the canyon this time of the year, plus I was on top of a rock leaning over the edge again.
In the summer kids come here to jump off into the pool below.

I took a shot of the suspension bridge this time, not the greatest light or greatest shot, but still nice. There isn’t a moment when no one is on the bridge!

After lunch I headed to the Capilano Lake, I was here a week ago and wanted to revisit at sunset on a clear day to get the sun shining on the Lions peak, but just like last week the clouds became too heavy and the sun vanished by sunset.

So instead I went exploring the trails by the river as it flows through the hydro dam through the canyons.
All of British Columbia’s power is from Hydro electricity, they have so much water it makes sence,
even some of the buses in downtown Vancouver run on electricity powered from the dams all over BC. Makes me wonder why the UK doesn’t make better use of it’s water.

I walked past this great shot of 4 trees growing out of an old log, I’m going to have to come back and get this with my 617 panoramic camera another day.