Today I decided to hike to a waterfall in Lynn Canyon, I wanted to do this last month but there was too much snow on the ground and hiking in snow is no fun at all All in it was a 16km hike as on the way back I decided to go the long route that way I would get to see some new sites. There weren’t any amazing sites that warranted my medium format kit but there where some interesting things to see that I captured on my Panasonic GF1. I’m still yet to see the bears everyone keeps going on about here.

THe area is an old logging site and mill so along the way I would see various rusting items with trees growing out of them.

There is also plenty of old growth trees that have long been cut down and mostly rotted away.

I would love to know how the tree below got like this, it was obviously cut down but then did this happen naturally?

The final destination of the Norvan falls, not that interesting as waterfalls go but a nice hike none the less.