London Olympics 2012

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Living in London during the 2012 Olympics was an amazing experience, it was strangely quiet as people avoided the city for fear it was going to be chaos. The sun shone and people smiled as epic battles commenced in the many arenas.

I wanted to capture this once in a lifetime event, but was too late to get a press pass to freely wander so instead I bought tickets. Sadly you don’t get to choose your seats,

it’s completely down to the luck of the drawer and I was disappointed mine was not near the amazing torch, I had to get that into my shot. I wondered towards the section that sat next to it, the stadium wasn’t full so I hope I could try my luck, but sadly all the big burly guys weren’t having any of it, not even to just take a quick photo. I stood there at the final section right behind the flame wondering what to do, then after a few minutes the big guy switched for a woman, this would be my only chance. I walked straight past her like I head a ticket for this section, “are you sat here?” She asked. “

“Yes” I replied with confidence as I kept walking, I couldn’t believe it. I sat there for an hour shooting with a smile on my face, waiting for action to press the shutter.


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